INLAP works to foster conscious appreciation of the shared norms which underlie the laws and treaties concerning law and peace.


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For most of the publications listed below,  the full text is available on-line.

Unless otherwise stated, the publisher is INLAP and

printed versions can be obtained on request.




Sep 2005 Does the Rule of Law Matter? (as pdf file)

A Lay View of the Continuing Crisis in International Law; followed by an account of a Round Table held jointly by Just Defence and the Insitute for Law and Peace on Wednesday 3 November 2004; and the David Head Memorial Lecture.

44 (A5)
May 2004 INLAP Times (newsletter) as pdf file 14 (A4)
Apr 2004 Report of the Peacerights inquiry (8-9 Nov 2003) into the alleged commission of war crimes by coalition forces in the Iraq war during 2003. Published by Peacerights (pdf file) 35(A4)
Mar 2004 Citizens' Law 1 (A4)
Dec 2003 Saddam's Trial 1 (A4)
Sep 2003  

Peeling the Onion. Recent events concerning Iraq have important implications at seven levels for peace activists.  What are the deeper implications of the Hutton Inquiry?  How far can the legal experience we have gained with nuclear weapons be applied to conventional war? Are we really using the law as part of an unstated pacifist agenda? A discussion paper by George Farebrother.

2 (A4)
Sep 2003

(2nd edition)


The Case Against War.  This book is of special interest for teachers and students of law and is unique in its field. Since the opposition to the war in Iraq has been so dominant, both supporters and opponents of Britain's involvement are interested in the legality of the action. The book is also of of particualr interest to international lawyers at a time when citizens of the world are increasingly active against war.

The Case Against War covers the entire proceedings of a citizens' tribunal held on 11th October 2002 in London. Further opinions are included from January, March, June and July 2003. Also included is the full documentation of the CND case for a judicial review. The Case Against War comprises the only full published collection of legal opinion on Britain's participation in the Iraq war.  

Published by Legal Inquiry Steering Group (LISG).  A copy of this book can be obtained by sending 5 to the LISG/INLAP treasurer.   

Or you can download chapters as pdf files from the contents page.


267 (A5)
May 2003


Citizens' Legal Action and the Invasion of Iraq.


2 (A4)


Feb 2003



Defending the Charter: The United Nations is not above the Law - The Security Council can take "Adequate Measures" short of war. Edited by George Farebrother and Kitty McVey. Dossier financed by proceeds from the Ted Dunn Memorial Fund.


15 (A4)
Dec 2002


Legal Brakes on the Rush to War.


2 (A4)


Nov 2002


Iraq Crisis – the legal aspects.


2 (A4)


Aug 2002



The Promise of Justice – first steps towards an International Criminal Court.  Dr. Glen Rangwala. Lecturer in Politics, Newnham College, Cambridge.


12 (A5)



Jun 2002


The Royal Prerogative a question of accountability.


1 (A4)


Feb 2002


Proportionate Killing.


1 (A4)


1997 Going to Court Not War - a concise introduction to the International Court of Justice at The Hague.
1996 Summer 1996 edition of INLAP Times. Journal for International Law and Peace. Editors: Nick Kollerstrom and Ted Haywood. In this issue:

Ploughshares Women freed * Judgement Day * Legal Status of nukes

1996 Spring 1996 edition of INLAP Times.Journal for International Law and Peace. Editors: Nick Kollerstrom and Ted Haywood.   In this issue: * Imminent world court nuclear Judgement  * Menwyth Hill – Major US spybase * The latest Nuclear-Free continent


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